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justin ishmael in ISH famous monsters filmland tshirt with galigantus on a hike in los angeles california


Justin Ishmael is a lifetime devotee and fan of movies, TV, animation, comics, toys and professional wrestling. These areas of interest not only serve as a source of joy and entertainment, but also as unfaltering creative inspiration that help bring what has been described as an “elegant loudness”  to the projects he conceives and produces.

Prior to starting ISH, Justin spent six years as the Creative Director and CEO of the company Mondo. While there, he worked with just about every movie studio and licensable property imaginable, collaborated with some of the world's most talented creatives and founded the Mondo Mystery Movie, Mondo Records, Mondo Toys and MondoCon.

As a creative entrepreneur Justin is constantly inspired with new ways to introduce others to the things he loves. ISH is an extension of his work over the past decade, built around authenticity, innovation, and impeccable taste, and acts an outlet for the plethora of creative ideas that are always swimming around in his head.

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