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My first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2008 was everything I wanted it to be. They had everything I could ever hope for in terms of Silver Age Comics and toys, but it also exposed me to new things that I would soon start collecting… mainly zines. 

There were booths with artists like Matt Furie and Aiyana Udesen where I commissioned stuff…. lots of handmade/ low numbered/ one-of-a-kind things…. and there was a booth that had a zine by a guy named Jon Vermilyea. Picking up his zine is where my life actually changed. That entire trip introduced me to so much, but this one zine put me onto Jon’s work which in turn put me onto a company called MISHKA. 

Jon’s site had photos of a 2007 collaboration with MISHKA called "AMULET OF THE BLOODY GOBLIN" or "GOBLIN". When I saw these, a giant switch clicked in my head as I had recently purchased the vintage glow in the dark puffy stickers at a shop in Austin, TX called ROOM SERVICE. I was genuinely shocked that someone else had done shirts of these so I bought every color way in almost every design. 

Vintage Puffy Monsters Stickers

MISHKA was my first foray into buying “streetwear." Through their blog called the "BLOGLIN" I met friends and learned a lot about music and different cultures from Greg Rivera’s trips to Japan and China. I fully credit Greg with introducing me to Secret Base, BXH, and a slew of other amazing things that to this day I still love. 

Amulet of the Bloody Goblin Reissue

To honor the 10th Anniversary of the monumental release of GOBLIN, we are presenting three designs in 3 different color ways. We’re also acknowledging that 10 years have passed by offering kids sizes in these shirts, since several of my friends who worked for Mishka or have been fans of the brand for over a decade, now have little ones of their own to dress in GOBLIN! Click HERE to see the full collection. 

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